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Beware the witches

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Romana & Rowena

Let me guide you through the dark valley. Let me show you my secrets and let me create a bond between us such strong that no men or women can break. Let me call you my sister and let me be your guide.

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[LZ1]ROWENA, unknown y.o.
profession: witch bitch;
relations: none

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- Be a good girl, and the God will bless you! - they always told her. She tried so hard and failed. No, wrong word not failed, - fucked up. It was just a matter of time for her to make the very first mistake. And she did. In the end of that awful story she was sitting on the floor, supping whiskey from bottle and crying her eyes out, while he was laughing somewhere else. She's got a hole in her heart, actually it is still there, and nothing she could ever change. For him she was just another toy, another puppet, such easy to though away one day. How could she have been so blind for falling in love with such asshole?
Actually, line between love and hate is so narrow. It's thinner than tissue paper. And now, a year later, all she needs is not love, as Beatles said, - it's revenge. She would like to see his warm heart bleeding and beating in her small hands, but she really doesn't know how to do this without being arrested for murder. So she waits for a proper chance, still googling weird stuff all night though, fighting with insomnia. Sometimes she even gets somehow in deep web and freaks out, closing her laptop. Sometimes she reads whole site from main page to the last foot-note, but pieces of advice Internet gives her are not helpful and even dump. Day by day she passes time in different ways before mornings come, waiting for a miracle. Of for some sleep before sunrise - doesn't matter.
And one day miracle happens. Romana has been feeling that something was going wrong since early morning. Every single part of her existence was somehow turning around by mystical power. It felt like The Powers were solving puzzle of her live for the last year and finally solved.
The woman appeared at bus stop like out of nowhere.  Late night, nobody around. The other day she’d pick up her bag and ran away, but she was sitting still on metal bench, waiting patiently for something or for her bus.  She was watching that woman out of the corner of her eyes. Nothing special: dark auburn hair, black clothes, but the colour of her eyes was kindna shifty. It was defiantly neither black nor brown, but dark, like the obsidian. People here never changes. She saw the same faces day after day, but never this one. It was strange, here in Toronto's suburbs families lived for years without even thinking about house move. She was also a guest here some years ago, but one day neighbours just got used to her and her jingling earrings, as well as they got used to clamorous Indians next door.
- Does it bother you if I smoke? – asked Romana finally, feeling really nervous about sitting side by side with this strange woman. She didn't get an answer in a minute, but fished out of her bag a lighter and crumpled pack of cigarettes. Last one here. She'd better give up smoking, but she's too weak for this or something bigger. Smoke was going up and up in cold and clean winter's air.
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People are always afraid of something they really don't understand. If you take someone from the 21st century and put him into the Middle Ages, he will be soon considered a wizard and most likely be burned because the technology and hypothetical knowledge that he possesses could be considered a witchcraft. Beware the witches, my children for they are cruel, beautiful creatures whose only intention is to kill or to mock at you.
I've been living in shadows my whole life and maybe this is the clue to survival for someone with great powers. I was blessed with them when I was born but my mother left me at the doors of an orphanage. Great story, right? There were lots of nuns at these dark times and all they've been doing was the simple act of making little children believe in God as he is considered merciful, forgiving and generous. I don't believe in God but I truly do believe in Satan who is not giving a single fuck at what is happening here in the Earth. And I never did actually confess in any of my sins and, believe me, there is much to be confessing in.
Times are passing by, people are changing and new cities are being build. I met the 21st century with an inspiration, with great idea that I'm gonna find someone to share my gift with. We'll become sisters, and one day we'll establish a coven so great and powerful that every witch in the world will know us and fear us. But that was too much to wish, I guess because modern girls were mostly focused on their social statues and the mere idea of sharing the gift and all the knowledge with the wrong person is giving me shivers.
But I did find someone lost in the end. A pretty girl with charming dark eyes and a pack of cigarettes whom i met at the bus stop. I don't often use public transport because it's too crowd-ish and people there are impolitely staring at me all the time. This is just uncomfortable and why would I bother to use a simple method of transportation when I have my own beautiful car, which I'm quite satisfied with?
- Oh, dear, America is a free country, so feel free to whatever pleases you, - I'm smiling just because she smells like grief. A loss which is maybe a year old, and that is something witches feed on. She lost someone because of something and I guess now she is desperately seeking some kind of revenge on him. That is interesting, intriguing a bit.
- Do you need a ride? It's kinda cold and the bus doesn't seem to appear, - well, maybe it's because I've done some things to slow it down. For another hour there will be no bus, dear. Just you and me, talking like best friends which we're about to become.
The bench on the bus stop is cold and I don'r want my lad parts to freeze so I'd better get up. Right now I'm standing under the small circle of light coming from the roof so you can see my face. They say that if you smile, people will get you. Most of times people are just like animals with their own behavioral patterns. I'm smiling and that means I'm a friend. Do you copy?
- I've got  pretty comfortable car, - another smile just to persuade you. Come on, dear, I'm not a maniac, I'm here to help.
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[LZ1]ROWENA, unknown y.o.
profession: witch bitch;
relations: none



It was strange, even creepy. Itself, every single part of this day was the same as hella a lot of days before, everything was usual, but in the same time something was really wrong. Romana felt like she was inside a psychedelic dream, because some pieces of this universe didn't fit in. They were abnormal. Maybe she was sleeping in this moment, but she didn't feel like she was sleeping. You never know till you wake up.
Another smoke ring was rising towards the evening stars. Telling the truth, young woman hardy could see Polaris and twinkling Charles's Wain from her place, but she knew that all of them were still on their places. Thermonuclearing balls made of hydrogen and helium didn't really care about their positions in the dark bilberry sky and astrology - half-true science, everyone around was so found of. But seldom Romana felt that she wasn't born under a lucky star. If she was - she wouldn't be sitting here and smoking as a chimney.
- We are in Canada, actually, - smiles she sadly. Another outstanding peace of existence in her imaginary still bank was added. How woman next to her could not know in which country she's living? Hello? Is there some candid camera around? It isn't supposed to be funny - playing jokes on late pedestrians. Once somewhere between llate night surfing Internet (Youbube particularly) and painting nails in awful bright coral colour, she run across Korean or Japanese video, where some prankers were faking a murder at bus stop. So maybe it's just a matter of time for a red dot to appear. But it doesn't seem to appear at all. Might be another kind of prank.
- Excepting the fact, that gay marriage is legal here from 2005, if I'm not mistaken of course, there isn't a lot of freedom here. We are all about  to taper ourselves in social rules. And American dream. Two kids, a dog and other obligatory things. Fuck them all,
She didn't feel ashamed about swearing, inhaling so deep that till her lungs began to ache, but her body had its own opinion about this kind of action. So she felt how her ears were burning, thanks to long hair - it wasn't that fact this woman need to know. And then everything has completely gone mad. She had a fit of coughing.  And she was damn well disoriented. She has never felt this smitten, this confused.
- But why are you sitting here in that case?- asked Romana a little bit huskily, shaking her head in order to get rid of black veil, her cigarette has already burned to filter, so she has almost burned her lips trying to make another toke. - If you are looking for troubles, you've come absolutely to the wrong place. Nothing seems to happen in this city. The more safe is only somewhere in Sweden.
She thoughs cigarette butt into trash bin. Everything in this world seems to end too soon even those things that are made for passing and killing time.   Cigarettes, tv-shows even love, especially love. It just blows away like a smoke. Here it is, near you, but when you are going to keep it – there is nothing. Nothing at all.
- It's really kind of you, but I don't even know you name. How can I have confidence in you?
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Witches are always lost in time and space so no wonder I've mistaken the cold country with the one right next to it. Canada, America - who cares, anyway? The're pretty much the same except for some minor changes invisible to simple people out there. Te girl seems nice but scared and that is okay - these days girls must be scared and parents might have taught her not to speak with the strangers, not to sit with a stranger in the car and not to take anything from someone you barely know. These simple rules may be a key to salvation and survival in extreme circumstances but they're also a huge "stop" sign for fun. I hope deep down in her soul this girl is as courageous and rebellious as her revenge is.
- Oops, my bad. I always mix them up, - I'm smiling because I'm trying to understand you, dear. What happened in your happy life that made it into a sad one? Whom to blame? Whom is it that you want to avenge? It doesn't seem like the person you're looking for is a kind of your own - so no family business, I guess. Then, maybe, is it a boyfriend? A cheating boyfriend, I suppose.
- I'm not looking for troubles, - but you, my princess, are certainly do. I want to help you and instead of accepting the help you're just swearing and connecting all the inner demons, gathering the bad energy and sorrow-ish karma. I guess, there were no need to stop the bus - it wouldn't have come for you anyway. Now you're gonna need someone to save you and I don't think that I have time to wait for you to come and get me. It's time to act or not to act, honey.
- I was just sitting here and your negative vibes hit me so much that I decided - maybe I could be a help of some kind, - that's bad, you know. I'm not a psychiatrist, I'm a witch. Of course, I could persuade you to come with me, but in this case you'll probably hate me for the rest of my life and there will be no trust for Rowena. And I do like it when people have faith and trust in me.
- I'm not talking the whole "momba-woomba" weird stuff and I'm not gonna take your money. But I see that you need help; and not because you've lost someone but because you want revenge. I can make it happen if you come with me, - well done me. I'm bad at telling people what is best for them because sometimes (and very often, I mean) I tell them the truth they don't like or are not prepared to hear. Witches have always been living away from ordinary people so it's quite obvious that we might experience certain problems when it comes to communicating.
- My name is Rowena. And I do really want to help you. If you don't like the whole idea, at least let me give you a ride to your home. Or to the nearest decent cafeteria because I'm dying with a good cup of coffee, - I hope that maybe coffee is connecting people. My grandma have always thought that it's the tea but I bet on coffee. It's too delicious to resist its tempting powers.
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[LZ1]ROWENA, unknown y.o.
profession: witch bitch;
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- Romana, - she introduces herself, pinching her nasal bridge between thumb and index finger. Her eyes are gritty again. She’s too tied for making decisions like this. This thinngs should be done with sober head.
There are always some certain kinds of rules, that everyone should follow. But they have already changed a lot since even 70-s. Concept of one night stands seems to appear in last ten years or so. So what would change if she calls this one night stand, but with no sex implicated? She’s done this before.  Not so many times, and she wasn’t really proud of acting this way. Actually, she was shamed.  But at it’s said in Macbeth «Things without all remedy should be without regard: what's done, is done». Luckily, She wasn’t virgin, when that shit started.  So, she’ll just call this strange parley an acceptable name just for herself, and move on.
- So, if you not from this place, where do you come from? Like from there, – she points in the sky by her forefinger, not wanting to know whether she means heaven or the other planet. As a matter of fact, Romana doesn’t care about real answer, she’s just doing some small talk, - or there?
She points down. This is an awfully awkward and uncomfortable question. At least, she thought to herself as her gaze dropped to the asphalt beneath her feet.
- Just don’t answer, if you don’t feel like answering. You know, I’m just curious about lots of things. Starting with this one fact and ending with self-interest. Why do you want to help me with my revenge? What benefit will YOU get from this? – she emphasizes on this «you». Romana is so in her own thoughts, in her own vicious circle of all desires and temptations as well as banns and taboos,  that she’s unable to break.  So she doesn’t really hear most of things she is told. Nothing in this world is free. You should definitely give something for getting something.
What she would need to give for this revenge? What is the price? But she doesn’t minds even if the price is her soul. She has already suffered enough, she needs this so badly, that she will accept anything, any stupid rule.  Romana stands on her feet, feeling some goosebumps going down her spine. It’s because of mixture of freezing cold and metal bench she’s been sitting on for a while, but it’s a terrible lie. She is scared to death. And that’s the real reason why her knees are slightly shaking.
-Lead the way, then,  Rowena, - there was something magical, yeap, Romana really felt reliant enough for using this word, about their names’ consonance. Another option said, than it could be either a witch rule or a lie based on some paranormal knowledge – but this didn’t matter at all. The feeling was right and she has to trust this one. Always trust the feeling – your subconsciousness knows best.
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Florence & The Machine – Seven Devils
I'm smiling trying so hard not to look like a dying crocodile - the name of this girl sounds a lot like mine and that cannot be a mere coincidence, I'm telling you! My guess is that it's a destiny, but we'll see where it'll lead us. Or me - in case the girl is too weak to proceed.
- Nice to meet you, Romana, - my smile is getting warmer as the girl asks me whether I come from heaven of from hell. Oh, what a funny person she is! - Do you really think that I come from any other place but Earth, my dear? I used to be a human once, but now I'm a witch. You know, things are not that complicated now as they were in the Middle-Ages.
Let's pretend that there are no witch-hunters and crazy fanatic humans who're desperately trying either to catch a witch or to gain the ancient knowledge missing the crucial part of someone passing the gift of witchcraft to them. I'm looking at Romana and I do truly hope that her energy is sufficient enough so I can teach her and we can build a coven so powerful that everyone will be buried in shadows for eternity.
- Curiosity killed the cat, my love, - I'm smiling again, - but I'm gonna tell you an answer all your questions if you want me to. I'm an old witch and I'm afraid that one day my time will be gone. So, firstly, I need to find someone I can teach a witchcraft to and someone I can pass this gift as soon as I die. Secondly, you negative energy is so powerful that you can hurt yourself with it and many others. I don't want to save you or a pity human being next to you but I'm afraid that it can do a great damage to the balance in the world. You know - the one with the good/bad, light/dark and so on.
I'm not going to tell you the whole truth but I'm just stating some point here, sweetheart. It's not obligatory because I'm not gonna hurt this girl and I'm not going to lie - I'm just omitting some details which are not crucial to me. Anyway, I'm a witch an some kind of a sweet fairy who comes to rescue. Not a superman, guys.
- There you go, - I'm pointing at the black fancy car standing neat the bus stop. As soon as we sit in it, I'm pulling to the highway and heading north - to the best cafeteria in the world. The quiet music is giving me some thinking space but I turn to Romana to observe. Poor child, you are deep into the hate and you can't even see clearly. You're not even wondering about the price - what if it is your soul or the life?
- Don't worry, I'm not gonna kill you or hurt you in any way, - I'm just stating the point here, clarifying the situation so that you don't consider me a monster. I'm a witch, not a satanist.
[NIC]Rowena[/NIC] [STA]mother of a satan[/STA] [AVA]http://funkyimg.com/i/2mkP1.gif[/AVA] [SGN]  [/SGN]
[LZ1]ROWENA, unknown y.o.
profession: witch bitch;
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Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds- The Mercy Seat

She can't help, but smile, feeling a great relief. Telling the truth Romana doesn’t know how she would act like, if this woman had said, that she’s either heaven-sent or hell-sent. So witches are real. Ok. She got it and moved forward. It seemed like today she could believe in everything. No matter how she is skeptical about such things in normal life.
Word «witch» comes from «weg» - old word that meant strong or lively, only centuries later it transformed into evil spirit and got necromantic meaning. If unfabled witches exist, it’s pretty sure, that they can do both good as well as bad, as any real human being.
- Does… - she cleared her throat, as words got stuck in it. – does it make any difference? Of course any knowledge makes difference, but knowing Shakespeare by hard or any foreign language doesn’t turn universe upside down.
Through her life Romana has figured out, that there are two types of people. Ones got in trouble shut everybody out, become annoying and grumpy, while the others hypercompensate and try to be cheerful and even too friendly. But Romana couldn’t decide which type she herself belongs to. She always behave like nothing had happen, but she didn’t tell anyone that something is wrong.  So first one, or second one? This time definitely second.
- Well, I’m not afraid of death itself. Not even a little. I’ve gone through all steps that come before acceptance. And you look really young for someone, who has such kind of thoughts.  I can clearly see, that you’re older than a youngster, but…  you are no way a gammer or a granny, - she shook her head, scanning her new mate from head to toes for one more time. Yeap, this woman was a good-looking female in her early forties.
- Are there any basic rules for me to know before we start? For me not to screw up in the very beginning. Like in Fight Club or in Harry Potter? – she nervously giggled, covering her mouth with a fist, as she let the woman to pull her into the car. It was much warmer inside. Romana  blew on her almost frozen fingers, feeling needles and pins under her skin before she managed to belt up. - you know, like the first rule of Fight Club is: you do not talk about Fight Club and so the same for witchcraft.
She’s got hella a lot of questions, for example, about flying on broomsticks or black cats’ rumors, but she’s gonna find out if soon. And she really didn’t want to freak out. Keep calm not matter what happens next.  She looked through window, trying to memorize everything- every shadow, every crack in old pavement every colour. She had a strong feeling, that she wouldn’t ever return to this place.

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The Pierces – Secret
People nowadays are much more convenient to deal with - especially if you compare them with the ones from the Middle Ages. I don't have to convince my friend that I'm not trying to hurt her in any way and I actually have no need to hide - if she proves to be too weak, I'll just leave her be without any second thoughts whether she is going to kill me or send a witch-hunter after. Well, these bad boys do exist in a modern world but you have to know anyone in order to call them for help. And my guess is that Romana knows no one who could damage me. So, in both cases it's a win-win.
- Oh, dear, thank you, - what a naive child she is! I'm not going to boast about my beauty routine or anything like this but, hey, she said I'm not a granny and actually I'm about 400 years old or so. Funny thing, right? - It's all about getting your beauty sleep every night and tons of fresh air. You'll see and you'll enjoy it. The witches look old and grumpy only if they are lazy about their spells and negligent. And also if they are from a fairy tale, of course. Most witches look like I do.
Got a secret, can you keep it.. One of my favorite songs of this age - except those by Taylor Swift. I truly hope that Romana is capable of keeping thins to herself. She seems nice person but a bit shy which is not a problem in my case.
- If I came to you in the Middle Ages, I'd forbid you to talk to anyone about us. Maybe, I'd even curse you - just in case. Modern witchcraft is nothing like that. You should be careful and I don't think that posting selfies on Instagram or Twitter counts as being cautious, am I right? - I'm smiling while we're heading to the coffee shop I've seen nearby, - I just want you to listen to me and to take everything seriously. The proper spell can be very powerful and it'll always work for you, not against you. But if you happen to do anything wrong, it could damage you, your energy or even get you killed. It's all about being cautious and taking one step at a time. You can't become a powerful witch just because you've read a book and practiced a spell.
I'm not trying to frighten you, my moon child. I'm just being honest with you because we have to trust each other if we ant to accomplish anything as a coven. Well, mostly like coven-in-training.
We've reached our destination - at least it's what the talking thing in my car says. Coffee shop looks nice and cozy, but I take two coffees to go and head back to the car.
- Do you have a family? - I'm not planning to kill them all or something like this. I just need to know how deep is your connections with the other world, the human world, because right now you're here with me and it's a start of a new world for you. A shadow-ish world of spells, magic, tricks and lots of learning.
[NIC]Rowena[/NIC] [STA]mother of a satan[/STA] [AVA]http://funkyimg.com/i/2mkP1.gif[/AVA] [SGN]  [/SGN]
[LZ1]ROWENA, unknown y.o.
profession: witch bitch;
relations: none



Jay-Jay Johanson-  I Miss You Most of All

All her life she's been denying any possibility of magic existence, though she's seen a couple of incomprehensible things years ago. Getting older she made herself to believe that she was a kid; she imagined all that or didn't get it right. It was such a convenient lie. Someone else might have started looking for paranormal in everyday routine, for example, hunting ghosts or UFOs, but she didn't. She kept living everyday life of any normal Canadian girl of her age.
She finished school, dropped out of college, got job without any career prospects. Come on who the hell in right mind thinks, that serving, picking up and cleaning up cups and plates is literally a dream come true? No one. So did she, but Romana didn't really have any other opportunity. But yet she’s been here, deep inside sticking around for someone mysterious around her to happen. And she finally waited long enough for this. Different roads sometimes lead to the same castle, you can run and hide for your whole life, but what was your fate shall find you, wherever you are.
So, perhaps her devil has just found her, grabbed her by her toes, and pulled in the very center of the frozen hell, were satan chews on Judas, Brutus, and Cassius. There was a big, thick and unscalable wall between world of humans and witches’ world, that she’s been about to cross today, something big enough as the Wall in game of Thrones, protected by Night's Watch with Dolorous Edd as the Lord Commander. There was no turning back, and Romana didn’t really want to.
- Ok, I got it. No telling but if occasion happens no one will mind. Ask no questions and you will be told no lies, something like that,- she nodded. Well, she would rather prefer to take notes, just in case, but what if someone find them one cloudy day? Life as it is, is made of lots of this «What ifs?» and she didn’t want to get in any kind of trouble.  So decision of trying to memorize as much as possible was made in a blink of an eye. But the next thing, that she’s been told by Rowena has scared her to death. Actually, she expected that magic is some kind of trading with some powers that are above any human beings. You gave them something, they make that you want. And as long as you’re not trying to fool them - everything going to be alright, but death as punishment seemed to be quite serious. All this was serious. It wasn't calling Bloody Mary in the middle of the night with no golden cross on your neck.
- Well, Rome wasn’t built in one day too, everything around us needs practice and patience. First takes plenty of time, and the second is benefactor that congenial for someone in my state of mind. I think I can handle this, but time will show, whether I was right or not, - there was a kind of sad and sentimental smile, touching her lips, but as soon as she understood that she was grinning, Romana made an effort and wiped it off. There is no need in looking like a maniac; she’s already stepped on this road.
- No... not anymore, they died, mostly tragic, but it doesn't hurt that much, everyone dies, someones on their terms, someones on terms of destiny. - noone would really miss her, if she's gone. A little bit sad, but life isn't a comedy.

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Lana Del Rey – Live or Die
- It's okay, darling. My family is all dead by now, - I'm gonna be your new family. And other witches that we met along the way - they'll be our sisters and companions on this trembling ship of life. It's good that you practically don't have the strings attached to any of people out there. It's good because this way you'll be able to concentrate solemnly on the witchcraft.
- You'll find inner peace with craft. You'll find the joy and the soothing feeling that you'll never ever be alone in this world. There are so many of us, - I'm smiling and handing the coffee to Romana. Then I start the car and get back on the highway heading far from the city.
- I do hope that you're the one I can give my knowledge to, - because if I'm wrong, I'm afraid that I'm gonna have you killed, my lovely, but you'll never know the whole situation. I'll make it even painless if I want to but now all I have is hope that my journey to finding a first rock in a basement for my coven is completed. You'll be the first and many more is to come.
- Welcome home, - the car has stopped in front of a small house. The street here is green and cozy and looks like one of those "white picket fence" place where your neighbors walk their dogs and take a jogging marathon each Saturday. Maybe this is quite an extraordinary place for witch to live, but it is what it is. Even nowadays hiding is the benefit we can't afford to waste.
- It maybe confusing for now, but I don't like in the cabin deep in the woods or in the abandoned house near some deadly fast river. It's 21st century, why should anyone give up the comfort we have been politely given? - I smile then lock the car and head back to the house, nodding to Sam - my sweet neighbor who is cleaning his driveway. I know this guy for a month and he seems sweet although I feel something about him that I don't quite like. Well, we'll deal with this as the time comes.
- Feel yourself at home. I have a guest bedroom but I think that you can use it now as your own. We can redecorate it if you want to, - my house inside looks like that house of an old but fancy lady - with flowers on the tables and photos on the shelves alongside with the books and diplomas of my invented sons, - I live here and people think that I had a family - a son, a husband but they died many years ago. It's convenient that I don't have to lie a lot and to remember what have I told to whom. It's important that you stick to the legend to. Who are you gonna be? My new house maid or a relative? It's your choice but I prefer a distant niece or something like that.
As I'm speaking we approach to the guest room. I open the door and let you inside. It has a peachy wallpapers and a blue-ish bed cover. The window is decorated with the peachy curtains and the room also have a small cupboard.
- There you go. Do you like it?
[NIC]Rowena[/NIC] [STA]mother of a satan[/STA] [AVA]http://funkyimg.com/i/2mkP1.gif[/AVA] [SGN]  [/SGN]
[LZ1]ROWENA, unknown y.o.
profession: witch bitch;
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