Бойду 22.

Ах да, Бойду — двадцать два. Великое событие в резиденции Коллоуэй.

Бойду двадцать два, и это значит абсолютно ровным счетом ничего, не считая нервозность на протяжении всей недели до на лице Эндрю...
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more summer days

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Another music festival| 23.08.2021| day

Charles Quintrell & Max Kepler
https://i.imgur.com/bCt14WW.gif https://i.imgur.com/9HmG7n2.gif
Уже другой музыкальный фестиваль, но все те же зайцы-безбилетники
matchbox twenty - how far we've come

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It’s been a couple of weeks since the Folson Lake festival disaster, which ended up making Max a new friend. Not much has happened to Max since then. He was kept very busy during this time - as a punishment for not asking permission to go to the said festival, Max was made to work all evening at his mother's clinic, helping out with everything he was allowed to without a proper education. Therefore, these two weeks were full of answering the phone and making appointments, doing routine paperwork, filling countless forms for new patients and anything else his mom and her colleagues could think to throw at Max to make his life seem a little bit like a living nightmare. Well, he knew he had to suck it up for the time being, since he had something nice to look forward to - another festival not too far from Boston, which Charlie and him agreed to go to together. This time Max did have to ask for permission, and, to his surprise, was even given one. 

Days until that very special day dragged on as if they were made of sweet, sticky molasses, refusing to let go and just allow the time to pass on. Max felt as if he was a fly that was stuck in that syrup, struggling to get himself free. It’s a weird effect, if you think about it - when you have something to look forward to, the time seems to slow down, as if teasing you about your desires, playing with you, making you wait longer and longer still. The last couple of days were the worst, though. It was hot and sticky in New York, and the only thing that made it even somewhat manageable was the constant running of the AC. Max spent one of the evenings sorting the colorful folders with payment records over the last few weeks - some green, some orange - at the reception area of the clinic with a small Pomeranian curled up on his lap, wagging his tail happily. He was one of the patients here with an adorable name Pumpkin Seed, named that probably because he was that light-tan color and also because he was a tiny one, like a seed. The dog was recovering after a minor surgery, and he was getting restless when left alone, so Max decided to keep him company, since he didn’t have a lot more to do other than mindless sorting. 

After a couple of hours, it was time to take Pumpkin Seed for a short walk to a nearby park, so Max had to leave the nice coolness of the vet clinic and head outside, trying his best to hide in the shade on the way there. While Pumpkin Seed ran around the park as if he didn’t even have any surgeries just a couple of days ago, Max took a few of minutes to sit down and rest on the nearby bench. His break wasn’t long, though, as he ended up having to pick the dog up to prevent it from messing up any stitches with all that happy running around. He must have looked funny to any passer-by - a guy with a small, fluffy lapdog, fit to hang out inside some girl’s fancy purse, but it didn’t matter much to Max. If anything, he was happy to hang out with someone who didn’t bother him, even if that someone was a dog. Pumpkin Seed looked like he was having the time of his life though, being allowed to run around even for a short while, his whole tiny, adorable face screaming “I never want this summer to end” because it was much harder to have this easy, mindless fun once your owners had to start wearing heavy coats and didn’t feel like running after you anymore. Max was a bit upset at the fact that the little guy was going to be picked up tomorrow morning by his owners, but he knew that Pumpkin Seed must miss them too, so at least it was good to know that he was going back home, where he was loved. 

The morning of the festival, Max looked and acted like he was an overly excited puppy himself. Charlie’s father’s band was performing there, which was a nice surprise for Max to find out, so they at least had a guaranteed way to get in, but it was Max’s job to get them both there. It was about a two-hour drive from New York, so they also had to leave fairly early to be able to get there in time. And Max didn’t want to waste that precious time too, knowing that he might be stuck helping in the clinic even more before the school starts. His mom though it was a good way for him to learn how great it is to be a doctor. Max, on the other hand, mostly viewed it as an opportunity to hang out with animals all day. 
He was in luck - his father didn’t like the idea of letting Max make his own way to the festival again, so he was letting him borrow one of his cars. Max also needed extra practice before his final driving exam to get his full license before going back to school in September. He had only driven on the highway a couple dozen times, and it being quite different compared to driving in the city, even as crazy and hectic as New York, required practice more than anything. Well, the interstate towards Boston was an easy one - flat, straight and boring, so Max had no worries about actually making the journey there safely. Also, since he was responsible for another passenger this time, he was planning to be extra careful with every little detail. 
The sun was up early, so Max walked down from the third floor of the brownstone townhouse his father lived in. The house was quiet - his father and his new girlfriend were still asleep, having gone out the night before, and his younger sister was at their mother’s place. Max walked around quietly, trying not to wake anyone up, had a quick cup of coffee, and of course grabbed his guitar case before finally heading out. There was a very noticeable excitement in him that morning - if Max were a dog, one could have seen his tail wagging back and forth nonstop. He did his best not to show it too much because even Max himself wasn’t fully sure that made him happier - the upcoming festival or the fact that he was going to have another day of hanging out with Charlie. 

Max pulled up to his house with a few minutes to spare and used that time to double-check that he had everything settled with a map on his phone to get to the right place. It wasn’t that difficult of a drive, really - get out of New York, get onto the interstate and drive until you hit Providence, easy to remember, but Max wanted to avoid repeating the story that Charlie told him last time about ending up in the wrong state by accident. Well, this was also going to be a way for them to test if Charlie really had some sort of curse of being extremely unlucky when it came to festivals or not. 

- Get it loser, we are going to the festival, - Max saw Charlie leaving the floor door of his apartment building and lowered the window on the passenger side. He waited for his friend to get inside before starting the car again. - Alright, here’s the deal - since I’m driving, you are responsible for music, sounds good? 

With that, they headed out of the city, their drive made much easier by the fact that it was the weekend and the roads were half empty, so they didn’t have to spend any time stuck in traffic. Once they got out of New York proper, the road took them by the scenic route overlooking the water, and before they even knew it, they were more than halfway there. 

[NIC]Max Kepler[/NIC]
[LZ1]МАКС КЕПЛЕР, 16 y.o.
profession: главное разочарование семьи, начинающий музыкант;
one love: гитара[/LZ1]

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When Charlie got back from the festival, his life got back on its normal track. He gave Day that postcard he brought with him, a piece of thick paper with a picturesque scenery of the breath-taking blue lake and the ridiculous motto, the same "I really don't want the summer to end". Day found it funny, though, because like many school students he found it relatable. Charlie didn't want the summer to end, too. He still had a lot of expectations from it, from free evenings with his friends, free of studies and homework, to the event he was looking forward to most of all: the Boston trip with Max. This time Charlie didn't really think to bring Day along, to be honest, and he kind of felt bad about it. What kind of friend sneaks away with another friend to have fun together? Well, Day was going to miss it anyway - his parents weren't exactly eager to let their only son go to Boston all alone, and after last year disaster with New Jersy , when he had to be collected from New Jersy police department by Charlie's mom, Day tried to stay out of trouble - more or less, so running off to Boston for some fun didn't seem to be a lucrative idea anymore. Charlie promised to bring him another souvenir, maybe actually a mug this time, hell, maybe one of those green T-shirts - though who knows if Boston shirts are going to be green?..
Charlie couldn't care less for colours and mottos. He only cared for his company, his new friend Max. Yes, that was the only thing that mattered.
At times Charlie's thoughts traveled to that crazy day at Folson lake and all the events that happened. How they ran away from the guards, and poor Charlie almost spat his lungs out; how Max got stung by a bloodseeking bee, and Max had to play doctor for a few moments; how they played music together, a captivating experience, really; and then how they swam in that lake, which was scary but refreshing, and how they enjoyed the sunshine sitting on the pier and talking, sharing bits and pieces of their lives. And the ladybugs?.. He took a ladybug off Max's shoulder that day. Will there be any bugs in Boston, Charlie wondered. He didn't mind insects at all, in fact, found them curious, as long as they weren't spiders. Creepy little creatures with thousands of eyes and legs! Ewww!
But time flies, you only take one step - and the spring is behind you already, that's how fast seasons change, so what can one say about mere days? Finally the day came, that very one day Charlie was waiting for.
Wishing to impress Max, he dressed up more approprietly this time and was wearing a rock band T-shirt, a leather bracelet and ripped jeans. His glasses didn't match the rebel kid outfit, meh, but what could he do, poke his eyes out? Those were the only ones he'd got!
Charlie found Max on facebook and was messaging him now, looking at the window because Max promised to drive to his house any minute now. Max was driving! He could actually do it! How cool is that? Oh if only Charlie's mom didn't have to be so dramatic about him getting a driver licence!..
The car pulled up, and Charlie's heart started beating faster on its own accord. He grabbed the keys, the bagpack and dashed out of the flat, barely remembering to lock the door before leaving.
As soon as he ran down the stairs, a bit too quickly for his comfortable pace, but he couldn't help it as he was too excited, he saw Max's face sticking out of the window, sunrays hitting his face just right for Charlie to see tiny freckles spread across his cheecks.
- You loser! - he laughed, not annoyed in the slightest, and got into the car, admiring the vehicle both inside and outside. - Is this your car? That's so badass!
The black mercedes Max was driving looked expensive and impressive, and impressed Charlie was. - Damn, if I got to drive something like THIS... - he glanced around the car. - I'm telling you, all my friends would turn green with envy and choke on it!
They started driving, and Charlie winked.
- Music is totally my thing! Let's see what you've got...
Charlie had two obvious options: radio stations and CDs. Since the stations were always available, he decided to start with discs.
- Fine, do you have a collection of CDs here or something? Can I tune my phone if you have a cable?
But, well, turns out it was Max's dad's car, so no tech thingies like cables for connecting phones to the car were at hand. Too bad, as Charlie was ready to pour some jazz on Max. Well then, a man of the age of a teenager's parent should have some discs around, and he did, so Charlie started flipping plastic cases with great interest.
- What, Depeche Mode? They're not only old and out of style, but also cheaters and copycats! We're not listening to this shit. Hmm... 80s disco? Want to throw a party before we even arrived, Max? I'm all for it, actually, but you gotta dance. I bet you're good.
Talking about typical teenage nonsence, they spent the time quite comfortably until the city's name appeared on the sign.
- Oh, we're here already? You're faster than a lightning strike, Max!
They had to queue for a chance to look for a parking lot, though. The Boston festival was a much larger event, and the crowd of attendees was gathering next to the front entrance. Charlie, however, lead Max away from the front.
- We need the back door, - he explained, - let me call my dad, he'll lead us through.
Soon enough Richard Quintrell came to them, politely standing next to the gates and waiting for him. Charlie's dad had a proper look for a rock star, being a tall man with dark hair not only much longer than Charlie's, but longer than his wife's, too.
- Hey, kid, - he greeted Charlie with a pat on his shoulder, which was their new greeting ritual since Charlie became "too grown up for hugs". - And you must be Max? - he offered a hand, big and rough to the touch - a sign of a guitar player who spends too much time with his guitar. - Charlie told me you have a neck for guitars, too? Always  nice to meet a fellow guitar player.
He smiled and lead the boys through the security gates.
- Alright, boys, - Richard nodded at them, - I have to go, last minute rehearsal. You two have fun, but not too much fun, okay?
He gave Max a serious look; of course, Charlie only told good things about his friend - naturally - but to his father Max only a stranger he just met, and he had to be sure the boy understood the rules.
- I'm serious, guys. No alcohol, yeah? I mean it, Charlie. You've got your epipen with you?
- Jesus, dad, - Charlie looked annoyed; he hated being treated like he was sick. - You don't have to remind me every single time, of course we're not going to drink anything! Yes, I've got it, right in my bag. Is mom here? She promised to come to your performance, didn't she?
- Nah, - Charlie's dad shrugged it off casually, - she ran off with an art project. You know your mom. Well, I really have to go, so... enjoy yourselves.
Nothing in his face showed disappointment about his wife's broken promise, but Charlie got visibly upset. He tried to hide it, of course, and when his dad walked away, he turned to Max with his eyes rolled.
- As if we were going to get ourselves drunk and high, duh, - he snorted. - So, you want to start exploring? I can't believe it I finally made it to a music festival!
[NIC]Charles Quintrell[/NIC][STA]sacred heart[/STA][AVA]https://i.imgur.com/hpWZs5g.gif[/AVA][SGN]https://i.imgur.com/j2BbCmd.gif[/SGN]
profession: ученик старшей школы
mom: Andrea Donovan [/LZ1]

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Getting to their destination was only a small part of the overall journey, but even this small part was enjoyable. Max found himself zoning out, not fully since he was still driving and had to keep all of his attention on the road, but enough to feel relaxed. He felt content at this moment, happy even. If by some miraculous alchemy of the universe the time were to stop right this moment, Max would have been perfectly happy to spend the next eternity stuck in this moment. Like a fly caught in a bit of orange amber, frozen in place and with no way to move forward. Well, sometimes the road itself was a more than enough. 

No wonder Max barely managed to notice the time passing by and them getting closer and closer to their destination, until they finally hit the right road sign, pointing them in the very direction they needed. The area was busy, much busier than what they saw at Folson Lake - this festival was bigger and much more well-known, and not only among the locals. Charlie pointed to where they needed to go, and after they left the car in the parking lot, they finally headed inside. It was an interesting feeling to have special treatment. It was all because of Charlie’s dad, of course, the fact that was still hard for Max to accept. He was just some regular guy from the south, how was it that he was one of these special people allowed special conditions? Well, of course, it had absolutely nothing to do with Max himself and everything with his friend, which was another odd thing with this whole situation, which Max had no other thing to do but to accept and be grateful. 

They waited for Charlie’s dad to appear and once he did, Max was frozen in a bit of shock. At first glance, he couldn’t see any familiar similarities in this man’s face, but once he started talking, Max couldn’t deny the resemblance. It was something hard to catch - Charlie wasn’t a spitting image of his dad the way Max was of his, however, there were little things in the way he spoke, the way his eyes moved that reminded Max so much of his friend. 

- Yes, that’s me, I’m Max, - Max said, even though he was a bit awestruck to be talking to someone who embodies so much of what Max himself wanted from his life. - Thank you for letting me join Charlie here, - Richard gave Max a handshake, and he couldn’t not notice how much the man’s hand fell similar to his own - rough and firm, with dexterous fingers. - Yes, I play, of course I still have lots to learn, but I hope to make something out of it some day, you know, kinda the way you do it. Or, not you specifically, but people like you, musicians I mean, - his soft, melodic southern accent showed itself in its full form wherever Max was nervous. 

Max was babbling like a little kid who met a proper adult for the first time. It’s not that Max even liked the music of Charlie’s dad’s band - he gave it a listen after coming back from the previous festival, discovering that even though it was good, it didn’t strike his fancy. Somehow, a lot of their songs sounded not just similar in style or sound, but almost like copies of each other. As if these guys found their good sound once and just kept repeating it over and over and over again with no consideration for the fact that they lacked a lot in variety. Of course, Max was no proper critic - all of this was just his personal taste, but he felt he knew a thing or two about writing music, having spent so much of him own time pouring his heart and soul into what he wrote. He imagined getting into this trap of familiarity himself, and it felt like it was one of the worst things that could happen to someone creative. 

No, he wasn’t babbling because he was some super fan who finally got to meet his idol. A part of it was the fact this it was Charlie’s father, so of course Max wanted his friend’s parent to maybe not even like him, but at least think that he wasn’t some bad influence, some odd guy who wasn’t good for his son to be around. However, a much, much bigger part of why Max was so nervous was the fact that Richard represented everything that Max wanted to be, everything he dreamed of being one day. 

Max had ambitions - that was true. He knew he wanted to make a name for himself, that he wanted music to be his everything. He wanted to make it in this world, but he was also old enough already to understand that it wasn’t going to be easy. When you are a kid, you think that you can do anything you set your mind to, but once you get a bit older, you start developing a thing called common sense. Max knew that making it in the music world was a combination of two things - hard work and luck. And if the former he had no problem with, since he was ready to give it him everything to try to share his creations with the world, the ladder was a different story. You can’t influence luck, no matter how much you want to believe otherwise. 

Seeing someone just like that in front of him - not on TV, not looking back at him from a page in a magazine, not as a name on the internet - was the craziest thing that Max had ever experienced. This person was right in front of him, real, alive, just another man with a life and career, but he was the idea of everything Max was dreaming for himself.

Max stopped talking abruptly, realizing that he was probably behaving as an overzealous little kid, and that’s not what he wanted to look like in front of Charlie and his dad. He listened to their further conversation without interruptions, allowing a father to fuss around his kid, even if his kid wasn’t really one anymore. Just like that, Richard managed to turn from a guy in a band to a father, and Max had to remind himself that it was the same person. The only reason it was weird to him was because his own parents were very different to this. 

- I promise no alcohol or anything, since I drove here and will be driving back as well, - Max said to reassure Richard. He wasn’t interested in any of this, as he didn’t share many of his peer’s belief that the best way to have fun was to get wasted. No, this was the first festival of this caliber for Max, so there was no way in hell he was going to miss even a second of it by just getting drunk. - And I’ll keep an eye on Charlie and keep him out of trouble, scouts honor. 

With that, the conversation was over as Richard rushed to a last minute rehearsal, leaving the boys to do whatever the hell they wanted to do. Well, other than consuming illicit substances, of course. 

- Sure, let’s go explore, - agreed Max. - I sounded like an idiot back there, didn’t I? - he asked a few moments later. He was sure there was no way Charlie had missed his nervous chatter. - Yep, I sounded like an idiot, perfect, just perfect, - he reached his hand up to ruffle his own hair, which, as usual, just refused to stay neatly in place. - I think I’m just gonna go throw myself off the nearest bridge or something, you know? Seems the best thing to do right now. 

As they made it to the festival proper, Max discovered that since they got here a bit early, there wasn’t too much happening just yet. Lots of tents were still being set up with people running around with brown cardboard boxes and such, finishing the last of their preparations. 

- How about coffee? - Max looked round to find something to save him from the embarrassment. - Coffee sounds good, makes everything better, - there was a coffee stand not too far from them, so they headed towards it. - Hopefully it’s better than the one at Folson Lake. That one was probably the worst coffee I’ve had in years, - as they waited to get their drinks, Max continued: - Don’t think I became some super fan of your dad’s band since the last time, no. I just… I dunno, it’s odd for me to meet an actual, proper musician face to face like this. It’s probably all fine and normal for you since, you know, he’s your dad, but for me, it’s one of the weirdest things that had happened to me in a long time, - Max breathed out a heavy sign, hoping that his explanation wasn’t too odd to understand. For some reason, he wanted to be honest with Charlie. Yes, he also wanted to seem cooler than he was, more impressive, but it was different from lying. Or hiding something. - Anyway, let’s take a good look around and see what we want to do first, - trying to move away from the previous subject of their conversation, Max brought it back around to the festival itself. 

[NIC]Max Kepler[/NIC]
[LZ1]МАКС КЕПЛЕР, 16 y.o.
profession: главное разочарование семьи, начинающий музыкант;
one love: гитара[/LZ1]



Charlie looked around; the venue was storming with people. Most of them looked like very typical fans of rock music, all wearing bands T-shirts, black dresses, red checked pants punk rock style, hair frozen in spikes and all sorts of creative hardcore hairstyles, boots heavy enough to break the ground underneath should they wish to do so, though there were, of course, more casual-looking people in plain clothes of green, white and other colours. They were all excited, and Charlie felt excitement jumping in his own chest as well. Everyone was naturally having fun their own way: a group of girls were spaying water at each other, laughing, and good thing they were wearing swimsuits! Charlie stared at one of these swimsuits, not for the reason teenage boys usually stared at girls in swimsuits, but because it was so bright in colour he thought his eyes could get teary. It made him remember how Max and him swam in that lake and also had people watching them in joy and laughter, because what the hell, they're young, they're supposed to have fun, aren't they?
He reflected a lot on their meeting during these two weeks, on the encounter and interaction overall, interrupted only by bees and ladybugs. Crazy as it was, Charlie would definitely jump into that lake again, even if he would have to shiver with frost again like he did first few seconds upon resurfacing, as over time Folson lake must have become colder. Charlie felt a bit sad he couldn't simply travel back in time to relive that day again, but maybe not too sad as they were many more things to look forward to, just like today.
- Come on, you didn't sound like whatever you're thinking, - Charlie nudged him in the side. - But "scouts honor", really? So the Guitar boy is also a boy scout, huh? That explains your outdoor night story.
He laughed and then frowned:
- Seriously though, you don't have to keep me out of any trouble. Don't sound like my mom, please. I can take care of myself just fine.
As they continued walking, the smile returned to Charlie's face.
- Coffee sounds splendid! I wouldn't bet on it being better, realistically, you can only rely on Starbucks, but I can't see it here, so... - Charlie shrugged, - we get what we get! Check out the logo, by the way: "delicious till the final sip". That's way better than "I really don't want the summer to end", right?
Of course, the coffee stand had limited options, the fanciest they could do was latte, and Charlie picked just that.
Soon their coffees were ready, and Charlie was tasting his cup while listening to Max. To the barista credit, this one was a pretty decent latte, actually, but Charlie didn't pay much attention to the surprising quality as he was focused on his friend, who indeed was saying bizzare things.
- But what do you mean? You are a proper musician yourself. You have a guitar, and from what I remember, you know how to use it quite well. My dad's not much better than you. If you heard his music, you know it.
He smiled reassuringly.
- What, you want to find another lake to dive in? Alright, let's go!
He grabbed Max by the wrist and pulled him, almost splashing over his coffee, into the crowd of people gathered around something with music playing, but it didn't seem like the music was the key as it actually sounded pretty basic.
- What's happening here, I wonder!
Turned out people gathered around a street dancing crew performing some simple but fun moves. Charlie gasped in awe:
- Look at that! Oh I wish Day was here... my k-pop friend, he would totally love it. Actually, he would join and steal the spotlight, - Charlie laughed, - he always does it.
Day had this wild sweet Korean boy charisma that made other people around him kind of stop existing. Charlie wished he could be that likeable, but for him it was probably simply not achievable, with his huge glasses and skinny limbs and all that. Like, who would ever look at him?
But that's okay. Charlie knew good looks was not everything. He had other talents, so that's fine.
- Alright, enough with them, let's keep going, - Charlie liked how warm Max's wrist felt in his fingers. People always told him he had cold hands, which wouldn't be a surprise due to poor blood circulation, but touching Max felt good. Charlie didn't want to let him go. And he had a reason not to - it was easier to stay together that way, careful not to be split by a migrating flow of music fans.
They went ahead, coffees finished, Charlie still dragging his friend behind him. As they went a bit further away from crows and stands, they noticed another peculiar thing: a tree, and while the tree itself was pretty ordinary, the pecularity lied in something stuck on a branch. Noticing a small white spot, Charlie initially thought it was someone's blown away hat or a shop bag, but getting closer he realised it was actually a little kitten, poor thing climbed too high for its own good and now helplessly remained up there, too scared to get down.
Now, Charlie knew Max loved animals, maybe even more than Charlie did, so obviously he wouldn't stay indifferent to the little kitten's fate.
Charlie himself wasn't a big fan of cats, preferring dogs and horses, especially horses instead, but him, too, felt the need to do something for the helpless creature in need.
- Max, look! - he pointed up. - What a poor little guy! I'll get him down, - he let go of Max's wrist and hurried to the tree.
Charlie couldn't exactly call himself a knight in shining armors, but he did climb some trees years ago, though 1) they were much lower 2) mom usually managed to catch him before he could climb really high. Anyway, a knight or not, Charlie wanted to look brave and strong, he needed to show Max he was capable of something. He put his hands on the tree trunk, pushed himself up from the ground, reached up, trying to grab a branch, but failed and slipped down, hands going hard against firm scratchy bark. He put his feet down in time to meet the ground without collapsing, but lost in balance and still fell down.
- Fuck! - he exclaimed in rage, feeling stupid and humiliated by the fucking tree. Why the fuck did this cat even go up there?! Didn't it have better things to do here, on the ground?!
The fall didn't hurt since Charlie hit the grass, but the tree bark scratched his palms skin, and they were burning with pain, like he was holding in his hot fingers a snowball. But what hurt the most, of course, was Charlie's pride and sense of dignity. Why can't he have something at a bloody festival going according to plan for once in his damned life?!
- Stupid fucking cat, - he muttered under his breath and looked up to meet Max's eyes. - I'm fine! Never been better.
This was definitely not the experience he was hoping for today. And they still had to get the kitten down somehow, because Charlie was as stubborn as a mule and never gave up easily. They just needed a better plan, since brutal force clearly didn't work here.
- Hey, how about you lift me up a bit, so I can get to the top branches? I'm sure I can get to the cat this way.
[NIC]Charles Quintrell[/NIC][STA]sacred heart[/STA][AVA]https://i.imgur.com/hpWZs5g.gif[/AVA][SGN]https://i.imgur.com/j2BbCmd.gif[/SGN]
profession: ученик старшей школы
mom: Andrea Donovan [/LZ1]

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- Hey, I know you are a big boy, and you can look after yourself just fine. I just don’t wanna get off on the wrong foot with your parents, - Max laughed in response to Charlie’s words. - Believe it or not, but I don’t have that many friends who like music just as much as I do, so I don’t want them thinking I’m some sort of bad person who’s gonna get you in trouble. Thus, I have to put my best foot forward!

They grabbed their coffees in some small paper cups, slowly sipping them and allowing the atmosphere at the festival to start to sink it. They were really here, really in, they were actually going to have fun today, not like the last time. Well, they did have fun last time as well, but not because of the festival, so this was different. This time they were going to have the full experience, they will get to see everything and whatever the hell they wanted. Except for drinking, of course - Max serious about his promise to Charlie’s dad.

- Nope, no lakes for me this time, - Max shook his head. - If I get the car seat wet, my dad’s probably going to kill me. And I’m way too young and way too pretty to die a stupid death like this, I still have a lot to do on this earth, - his father was very particular about his cars, so Max had to be careful not to mess anything up. Even though he liked to annoy him ti pieces from time to time, messing up his car was probable a step too far. Max didn’t hate his dad or anything, so it wasn’t getting revenge or anything, just some mindless bit of fin at his expense.

They spotted a dancing crew in the distance, and Charlie grabbed Max by his wrist, pulling him further in. It was almost a direct opposite of what happened last time - then, it was Max pulling Charlie away to get away from the guards, not really ready to get arrested by local police for trying to sneak into a festival without a ticket and while being underage. This time, it was Charlie pulling him after himself, and Max didn’t really mind. His friend’s fingers felt comforting around his wrist, they were surprisingly strong even if somewhat bony, and just a tiny bit colder than Max expected them to be. He didn’t pull his hand back or anything, allowing Charlie to lead the way, not really caring about where they went.

- Your friend sounds cool, - Max smiled and listened to Charlie talk about Day. - You guys must be close, you talk about him a lot, - Max was curious to learn more about this guy. Maybe they might meet one day, who knows? - Do you guys go to the same school?

What happened next was so out of left field that Max though it must have been a dream. He had to stop and look up the tree for a few moments to realize that it was actually happening, that he wasn’t dreaming or anything. But no, this was really happening - there was a cat in the tree. A small, white one, hiding up the branches, looking around with its big yellow eyes, clearly scared.

- Are you sure it’s a good idea to climb up? - Max looked at Charlie, who jumped right into action. - These branches don’t look very sturdy. Well, they might hold you, actually, - the tree wasn’t big or old, so its branches were somewhat skinny. - And who the hell brings a cat to the festival? How did it end up there? - Max watched as Charlie began to try to climb up, only to slip and fall very ungraciously onto the ground. Max had to keep himself from laughing, which was hard, but he did his best. - You alright there, lording? - the fall didn’t look bad, and it wasn’t nearly high enough to cause any issues besides maybe a bruise and a bit of damage to Charlie’s ego. - I think we should really get someone to get it down…

Charlie didn’t feel like stopping, though, and Max had nothing else to do but comply with his wishes.

- Umm, alright, let me see, - Max paused to think how best to assist Charlie with getting up the tree. He knew it was probably not a good idea to climb up himself, since he looked a bit more heavier set compared to his friend, so looked light and skinny. - Okay, I’m gonna boost you up, and you grab onto one of those branches, they look strong enough to hold you, - Max pointed at a few a bit higher up from the bottom of the tree. - And once you've got a good hold, you can climb a bit higher. It shouldn’t be too hard to reach the cat from there. Just try not to spook it - they don’t usually climb up the trees for no reason, and I don’t see any dogs around, so there was probably something that scared it to make it get all the way up there.

With that, their plan was formed, so Max interlocked his fingers to create somewhere for Charlie to put his foot, like a platform. The only thing he was hoping for was to be strong enough to push his friend all the way up to reach the right branches. Max lowered his palms enough for Charlie to put his foot down, and then pushed him up with all of his strength. Surprisingly, his friend ended up being even lighter than Max expected, so it wasn’t too difficult to do. Charlie grabbed onto his shoulders for support, and Max thought he was going to lose balance for a moment, but he stood his ground. A part of him wanted to show off - he knew he was naturally pretty strong, even without working out or trying to build it up in any way. Another thing that Max managed to inherit from his dad.

- Steady, steady, it’s all good, I’ve got you, don’t worry. Don’t rush too, okay? - he reassured Charlie to encourage him to keep going. - Once you manage to grab it, lower it down to me, and I’ll catch it. You might not be able to climb with the cat in your hands.

He watched as Charlie kept going up until he reached the cat, and before they knew it, their undertaking was a smashing success.

- There you go, little buddy, you’re all good now, - Max had the cat in his hands now, gently holding it to his chest, his voice soft and caring, as if he was talking to a child. The cat didn’t look much older than maybe six months, with a silky white fur, which looked to be taken care of - definitely not a stray, which made it even more weird. - Do you have a collar or anything? - Max looked at the cat to see if there was any information about the owner, but its neck was empty. - Damn, nothing. So how do we find your owners now?

Max could feel the cat shaking a bit in his arms, so he held it close, reassuring the little guy that everything was alright now, that it was safe. He had a good amount of experience with cats and dogs after helping out so much around his mom’s clinic, and sometimes he much preferred hanging out with animals compared to people, though he never had any pets of his own. His parents never allowed that, no matter how much Max begged for a kitten or a puppy. It always seemed weird to him, considering his mom was a vet, so she had a natural affinity towards animals.

- Oh my god, Snowball, there you are! - suddenly, there was a shout from behind Max, so he turned around to see a girl running towards them. - Oh god, there you are, there you are, - she took the cat from Max’s arms and pulled it towards her chest, holding it close. - You guys found him? Thank you so much, I was so worried! - she spoke frantically, looking at Charlie and Max. - He ran out of our tour bus, I think some loud music had scared him, and we’ve been looking everywhere for him.

- Yeah, he went up the tree, - Max explained. - My friend got him down, - he pointed at Charlie, since most of the credit belonged to him anyway. The one thing Max did was boost him up.

- Thank you, thank you, thank you! - the girl went up to Charlie and hugged him with one arm, while holding the cat in another. - I don’t know what I would have done without you, - she turned back to look at Max and noticed a guitar case that he had on the ground next to him. - Are you guys playing here? No? Then you should come hang out with us! Please, I need so say thank you somehow. I’m Alice, by the way, - the girl smiled and Max noticed for the first time that she was really pretty. 

Max had to do a double take to take it all in without missing anything. She was like really, really pretty, and maybe just a couple of years older than Max himself. She was slender, graceful, with dark-blond wavy hair and big blue eyes and a very delicate facial features, wearing a tight crop top and shorts, which left very little to one’s imagination. Any guy would have been attracted to her, of course, but for some reason Max just kept thinking about how irresponsible it was to keep a cat in a tour bus. 

- We are playing an opening before one of the bands here, - she continued, looking proud. - It’s our first big festival really, we’ve been going around and playing small shows around the place. Found his little guy along the way too, - she looked at the cat and snuggled it closer.

- Well, I think it should be up to my friend, since he did the saving, - Max looked over at Charlie, looking to see what he wanted to do. A part of his was really curious and wanted to hang out with these people for a bit, but a part of him also didn’t want to have to share his friend’s attention with anyone else.

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Dealing with scared cats is not an easy thing to do, and Charlie knew it even though he didn't own any. They still had no plan, but as creative people they were good at improvising, and Max proved it by creating some sort of a solid step for Charlie to get on. Charlie's eyes fixed on the branches he was hoping to reach, and as he put his hands up and let Max lift him, there was no fear, doubt or hesitation on his face. He wasn't afraid to fall, crash his bony butt against the grass again, because he somehow perfectly, totally knew that Max would never let it happen. There was this feeling of trust, maybe irrational, but Charlie let it wrap around his mind, because when you climb trees, you need to stay steady and focused, you need confidence, not dread. That said, Charlie let Max do his part, grabbed the branches and pushed himself against the tree trunk, finally transferring the pressure from Max's body onto the tree. Surprisingly, now in the air he felt much more vulnerable than he did while at the mercy of Max and his support; but it was too late to change his mind now, and he didn't want to look like a coward. Besides, the cat was still there.
- Okay... - Charlie took a deep breath and moved towards the cat. It any other situation it would look really cute, because the cat itself looked rather sweet - fluffy fur promised to be soft to the touch, and the huge blue eyes only complimented the cat's angelic appearance, but now Charlie couldn't care less. He reached out his hand to test it, to touch the cat and see what happens, and it made a nervous hiss, so he froze, not wanting to escalate it to bleeding scratch marks or something. They both just froze there, staring at each other with equally scared look in their equally blue eyes. Maybe, Charlie thought, Max would actually fit better for this job since he had more experience with animals.
- Come on, mate, - Charlie tried to talk some sense into the cat. - I'm not going to hurt you, okay? Let's get you down. Nice and easy.
Apparently, risks had to be taken. As much as Charlie didn't want to be hurt, too, he also didn't want to spend the entire day here in the tree, so he steadied himself with one hand and used the other one to grab the cat. It looked small and light enough for that.
The cat didn't enjoy the treatment, and maybe the position Charlie managed was not pleasant for the fluffy guy, but what could he do? With an angry meow the cat bit into Charlie's hand and used it's paws to cling on his arm like it was another tree branch, causing Charlie to sigh with pain, but it was tolerable, so he lowered his arm as much as he could to let Max take the damned pet away, and thankfully Max hurried to do so, so the claws and teeth were not a threat anymore, which was wonderful, of course, but now Charlie also had to get down somehow. Jumping seemed like an obvious option, and frankly, the only one, since Max was now busy with their new cat friend. Charlie carefully looked down to position himself on the best sport for landing, relaxed his knees and hips, letting his legs simply hang in the air, aiming for grass with his feet, and finally let go of the branch. His feet touched the ground with a sound of impact, and he stumbled, but regained his balance quickly. His heart still pumping with adrenaline, Charlie looked at Max with a wide grin, the feeling of success and accomplishment washing over him.
- Hey, we did it! We freaking did it!
Watching Max gently talking to a cat was something else, and Charlie's grin transformed into a smile of adoration. Realistically, the only animals he was comfortable with were horses, as back in London Charlie did horse riding and spent quite a lot of time around these magnificent creatures, but cats were very different. Horses were animals aimed at cooperation with humans, it's always been like that, for the ages of human history, but cats... cats just had minds of their own, it seemed. Therefore, seeing Max holding this cat so close, and the cat looked completely relaxed and comforted by this, was a sight damn worth of everything.
- So you get all the purring, and all I get are bite marks? Not fair, - Charlie shook his head, pretended to be offended, but he was still smiling. He wanted to say something else, too, say how sweet the cat looked in Max's arms, but strange loud voices interrupted him before he could even start.
A lady came running towards them, and the next moment she was pulling the cat away from Max, which was only natural, of course, since she turned out to be the owner (who the hell names their cats Snowball, by the way? It's so cliché!), but Charlie believed Snowball looked so much better with Max than with this girl. Maybe Charlie just didn't quite like her, he realized, on the subconscious level, because... because what right did she have to break their friendly vibes here, forcing her company on both of them?! She tried to hug Charlie in a thankful gesture, and he awkwardly hugged her back just slightly, since as a true gentleman he didn't want to be rude out loud, he could only be rude and cruel in his thoughts. Nevertheless, he was hoping now, once the girl got her precious Snowball back, she would disappear, as clearly she had no good reason to stay and ruin the mood! But no, she went on speaking nonsense, and Charlie didn't like the glances she occasionally casted towards Max. It was this stupid childish jealousy, when you do some stuff with your friend and then someone else comes and tries to steal your friend's attention, and you just watch them like: "NO this is my friend, find yourself another friend!". Charlie was on good terms with most people around him, but he didn't have many friends, and those he had he cherished, so there was only one thing he could say:
- Yeah, I don't think so, - and maybe that came out just a bit too harsh, so he corrected himself, softening his voice, - I mean, I don't think we can because we have things to do. A whole to-do list of things, to be precise. We are really busy. Sorry. Enjoy the festival!
Charlie grabbed Max's arm and dragged him towards nowhere in particular, just away from the lady before she decided to persuade them otherwise.
- You are really good with cats, - he casually noticed before Max could ask him about their swift escape, - I thought the fluffy devil was going to kill me on that tree. My corpse would be stuck in the leaves forever. Oh, can you hear the music? Let's check it out!
The music was coming from another stage, a smaller one, which was open for pretty much everyone who would like to show off their skills. There were all kind of people, of course: long-haired men dressed in leather, hugging their guitars, young girls with rainbow-coloured faces, a bunch of guys who looked like 60s hippies, and for a moment Charlie thought they could try something, too - him and Max, as they'd already proved to be a successful duo. The queue of wannabe musicians was really long, though, and if they took their place in it now, they would probably get on stage by the end of today - in the best case scenario.
Right now the scene was occupied by some edgy teens, maybe just slightly older then him and Max, and you could say they were trying their best, but the singer's voice was nowhere strong enough for the rock genre they chose for themselves. The guitar players were doing a fantastic job, though - in Charlie's opinion, at least, but since he wasn't pro in guitars, he turned to Max:
- Well, what do you think? Personally, I don't like the singing, but the music is good. That guy in a red T-shirt is absolutely rocking it with his guitar!
He wondered what it would be like to have Max on that stage, watch him play that guitar. Max would certainly do an even better job.
Suddenly Charlie felt something cool touching his bare arm, like a drop of water, and then another one touched his neck, and another one touched his face, the left cheek. He looked at Max, surprised, and realized he, too, was covered in small drops, and they were getting heavier and more persistent, and then a few drops clouded Charlie's glasses. It started drizzling, and in a few moments it was already raining like crazy, like someone up in the sky used a shower to scare the people away. It worked: the crowd gathered around the stage was moving, people trying to take cover somewhere, but it was too late. In mere seconds Charlie found himself soaking through and through, almost like he and Max jumped into the lake again but with clothes on this time.
- What the hell?! - he shouted to Max, trying to be louder than the running crowd and thunder clapping above them. - The forecast promised sunshine! Liars!
He looked around in desperation, trying to locate a place they could use as a refuge, too, but the water pouring down his glasses was not helping in any way. He tried to wipe it away with his hand, but in vain, as the wiped drops were instantly replaced by new ones.
- We gotta get somewhere before we're washed away into the ocean, - Charlie said, and then someone came running past him, shouldering him in the process, and the impact made Charlie lose balance. He had to catch himself on Max's arm to stay on his feet. - Ouch! Watch it! Oh Lord... Max, let's move somewhere.
His grip on Max got tighter, as he was afraid another push from another frantic storm refugee could separate them.
- You see anything? A building, a tent?
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