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the summer days are over

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Halloween Party | 31.10.2021 | evening

Max & Charlie : Dynamic Duo
https://i.imgur.com/mIzP8pd.gif https://i.imgur.com/2YXUhy4.gif
с окончанием лета начинается самое интересное
this december, I'll remember, want you to see it when I do

[NIC]Max Kepler[/NIC]
[LZ1]МАКС КЕПЛЕР, 16 y.o.
profession: главное разочарование семьи, начинающий музыкант;
one love: гитара[/LZ1]

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September rushed by Max so fast he wasn’t sure it really happened, so before he knew it, the calendar turned its page to say October. The time of summer was over with all of its heat, sunglasses and vacations, and Max could almost understand those people at Folson lake with their motto of “I never want the summer to end”. He had spent the last few days of the freedom that august gave him relaxing, writing music and just overall enjoying himself before it was time to get back to school. It was beginning to get colder in New York too, so people had to get out their heavy coats and try to avoid getting sick with a seasonal cold. Max didn’t manage to avoid it though, so he had to spend a few days stuck at home with a low-grade fever and a splitting headache. Though, it wasn’t all bad. First off, he had a break from school, and he was able to spend that time practicing some new songs on his guitar. Second, he had Charlie keep him company, not in person, of course, since Max would never risk getting his friend sick as well, but over text, which was still nice. There wasn’t really a day anymore when they didn’t talk even if  for a short bit, even whenever both of them got busy with schoolwork and their music. It was funny how fast Charlie became such a monumental part of Max’s life that it was beginning to get hard to imagine that it was ever any different. Max had good friends, best friends before, he had other dear friends he cared about now, but it wasn’t quite the same as this connection they had. Was it their love for music and the fact that they both loved it dearly? Was it because of the shared experiences they had since they met? Was it just all the little similarities they kept finding even though their lives were quite different? Max had no answer for these questions, so the only thing he had left to do it enjoy the fact that he had a person in his life he knew understood him well.
The end of October brought with it Halloween with all of its orange pumpkins at other people’s  front door and a deep-blue color of the crying skies underneath his feet. End of October was a fun time since so many people went all out decorating their houses for this celebration, placing jack-o-lanterns on the front steps, setting up little skeletons and white ghosts in their windows, and turning a gloomy time of mid-fall into something bright and fun.
Max always liked Halloween, thought he was way too old for dressing up now. However, with growing up came another way to celebrate this day - have a big house party with all of your friends, just like in the movies. It’s was an even more lucky thing that Henry’s parents were out of town - both of them being dentists, they attended many conferences throughout the year, so his friend had a house all to himself. Even though they didn’t spend as much time hanging out together after school as they used to do, Henry was still one of Max’s best friends. He was determined not to lose this friendship because of a mere fact that their interest had diverted somewhat, so it was only natural that Max was one of the first people invited. Henry was going all out - his older brother was coming from college as well and he was bringing a few of him friends with, so Henry was determined to have the best party ever. Even if he had to suffer the consequences of getting in trouble with his parents later on.
His friend laughed when Max brought up a question of whether he could bring someone along with him, someone who didn’t go to their school. He didn’t even have to say that it was Charlie he was thinking of bringing, since apparently it was just way too obvious, and Henry guessed it just from the look on his friend’s face.
The evening of the party came with Max still deciding not to wear a costume to the party, as he was guessing that most people there wouldn’t be wearing one. Charlie agreed to come with him, which was just fantastic, so Max had a bright smile on his face and a happy-go-lucky attitude to match. Another thing of pride was the fact that he finally managed to get his full licence earlier this month, so he finally had his very own car. Of course, his parents gave it to him with a condition that he was going to drive Alison to school every day, since she was a freshman in high school now, but was going to a different one from Max. His younger sister had a knack for science, so their parents found the best program for her, though it ended up being somewhat far away from their homes. Therefore, Max was stuck acting as his sister’s personal driver for the  year, but it didn’t matter much, since he finally had his own car.
Driving to the party meant that there was no drinking for him. Max might have been dumb in some aspects of his life, but not really dumb enough to get behind the wheel after having a drink. It didn’t bother him at all though - Max didn’t like the stereotype about all high school kids drinking at parties as if it was the only way to have any fun. He was going to have Charlie with him and he was going to know most people at that party, so knew he could have plenty of fun just the way he was.
Max pulled up to Charlie’s apartment building just in time only to discover that his friend was running late. Apparently, unlike Max, he decided to wear a costume, and was putting some finishing touches. Max felt a pinch of regret that he decided not to wear anything - now Charlie was going to stand out and the the star of the party with Max being just his boring companion. He felt a bit jealous at a though that he might have to share his friend’s attention, but quickly shoved this feeling down. He didn’t like this feeling, it was new to him. Max always had plenty of friends, but he never even one bit jealous over any of them.
He got of the car to have a breath of fresh air and waited for Charlie to appear, while leaning casually onto his car. The sun went down an hour ago, so it was beginning to get dark now. Soon, the front door opened, and Max was left dumbfounded as he realized that he really should have worn a costume.

[NIC]Max Kepler[/NIC]
[LZ1]МАКС КЕПЛЕР, 16 y.o.
profession: главное разочарование семьи, начинающий музыкант;
one love: гитара[/LZ1]

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Вы здесь » SACRAMENTO » Реальная жизнь » the summer days are over

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