Зак не может найти ни одного аргумента против неопровержимого факта: его прошибает от одной близости Аарона Мёрфи.
Факт: его кроет, когда чужие руки оказываются по бокам от него, чужие плечи - выше него.
Когда поднимает взгляд и смотрит на чужие губы так близко снизу вверх - тоже.
Аарон еще не сделал ни-че-го, Зак уже готов на в с ё... читать далее
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once-in-a-lifetime event

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repetition of a once-in-a-lifetime event
Craig & Amanda // Sacramento // some bar

[NIC]Craig Powell[/NIC] [AVA]http://sh.uploads.ru/X4swB.gif[/AVA][LZ1]КРЕЙГ ПАУЭЛЛ, 46 y.o.
profession: SPD, детектив[/LZ1]

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Just a casual Thursday in a life of a single twenty-seven... Wow, wait. She is not really single.
Sometimes Amanda had to remind herself that she actually has a fiance who is waiting for her at their place, at their home. He finally moved to Sacramento a few weeks ago and she still can not get used to the feeling that he is here. From time to time she still has a feeling that he is a few hundred miles away and that she can still do whatever she wants.
It's interesting cause actually even if he is here, she still can do anything, but for some reason, she feels these  borders - when he is actually in the same town as she, she is not allowed to even feel herself single.

It's not like she slept with dozens of guys while he was still planning to move here. She just felt herself free.

As a person who could actually laugh at someone's jokes (even though they weren't super funny all the time) with a full laugh,
As a person who could still wink at someone at the bar and hide in the restroom after that and giggle with a friend about the fact that this man is now actually looking for her,
As a person who could really flirt with her own colleague and have fun and doesn't feel guilty for it.

She told him she has a meeting with an old friend who is now in town for just a few days, and that she can't miss it. In real life, she didn't have any meetings today - neither with a friend nor with a lover nor with anyone else except a full glass of IPA, which she now held in her hands.
The bubbles in her glass didn't dance like in fancy champagne but still did their best to entertain her. She got another sip and looked around examining the interior of the bar - just a regular "almost-Irish" pub of Sacramento, where owners really tried to do their best to make it look like a pub. But they kinda failed - the crooked tables were too old, the red-green tablecloths were too bright and people here were too quiet to be a part of something "Irish".
And to be honest Amanda was really grateful for that - loud places obligated her to be with someone, to speak almost screaming, to have a huge party of friends to fit in. With quiet bars it worked differently - you could be all alone and still be welcome here and don't feel like a fifth wheel in here.

- Can I get once again number seven? - she is saying that to the barmen not even increasing her voice - Really nice IPA, did you always have it? - it's not like she was a habitue in this bar, but she felt like it. She felt like asking this barman about the draught that they have, about the fridge full of colored cans and bottles, and about everything else that may appear in her mind.
- Yeah, like, for a year I believe, - he answered without interest and shrugged a bit, - It's always have been here, like, since I started working here, like, a year ago… - Amanda noticed that he is not really interested in a small talk. That meant only one thing - she had to find another victim at this bar to start a conversation with. She took a new number seven, had a few big sips, and slowly reviewed everyone who sat at the bar. There was a man who looked like he doesn't want to be interrupted and Amanda decided that he is the one.
- So... which number did you get? - she didn't even look at his hand to check if he really has a beer or a whisky or anything else. She already had a few IPAs inside her and they added her a bit... no, a lot of courage.

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